Its all in your mind…

We all know what the brain can do, from what our family tells us, what you learn in school, your profession…or if you watched house…like I did, faithfully…lol
But maybe if you knew just a little bit more about the depth of your intelligence, maybe you’d be more inclined to use it more productively….
With that being said…
Your brain is the hub of your nervous system. It is made up of 100 billion nerve cells – about the same as the number of trees in the Amazon rainforest. Each cell is connected to around 10,000 others. So the total number of connections in your brain is the same as the number of leaves in the rainforest – about 1000 trillion.
Ele Impulse April HugieThe activity of the brain results from electrical impulses generated by nerve cells (neurons), which process and store information. The impulses pass along the nerve fibers within the brain. How much and what type of brain activity occurs and where in the brain it is initiated depend on a person’s level of consciousness and on the specific activity that the person is doing.
So It definitely makes sense to CONSTANTLY FEED your brain with a plethora of information. Every little bit of new information creates an electrical impulse which will cause neurons to fire together in the same pattern. The process of repetition will turn short-term memory, into LONG-term memory. EVERYTHING you know now is a result of repetition and EVERYTHING you do from here on out will be a result of repetition.
Did you know that the human brain has the capacity to store almost unlimited amounts of information indefinitely!!??
Don’t EVER say that your “not smart enough”…c’mon now…
Anyone that knows me, knows that I research A LOT and I love complicated information. Don’t be surprised if you find my posts all over the place.
Peace & Blessings

April Hugie


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