The Science behind your Emotions

Negative Nancy and Positive Patty are like North and South. They will NEVER go in the same direction.

Did you know that your brain consists of around 60,000 thoughts per day?!
Every get that feeling that your mind is going a thousand miles a minute? That is because the majority of people do not have order in their mind. Having order in your home or life is different than maintaining order in your mind.

So think of how amazing it is to be able to hold 60,000 thoughts per day! We don’t process all of these thoughts daily, we pick and choose which ones to concentrate on.
How do we do that? Our emotions.
Our emotions let us know which thoughts are currently dominating our mental state.

When your happy, it is because you had a thought that you deemed important enough to allow to control your feelings those thoughts trigger a “feel good” emotion, that emotion triggers more happy thoughts. You’re more likely to see the brighter side of things and subconsciously you are only paying attention to the “happy” instances within your day. Your body is less stressed, you feel better and your energy is heightened. Happiness is positivity, as transparent as air. When your happy, you see things clearly, your able to perform at a higher level. Out of the 60,000 thoughts, the ones that blend with your happy emotion will stand out and you will be able to bring more of what is in your mind, into a physical form.

The same is true when your angry or sad, you had a thought that you deemed important enough to control your feelings. The thought brought on the emotion and the emotion created like thoughts that fueled that emotion. Next thing you know you’re having a bad day and nothing is going right. Your more likely to focus on the negative aspects that surround your day. Your body is MORE stressed, you become fatigued easier. Thoughts that blend well with your negative emotion begin to stand out. Anger, sadness and pain are all as transparent as mud. You do not always see things clearly and you are much less productive.

But listen, EVERYTHING begins with a THOUGHT. The emotion does not come until you have that THOUGHT. YOU control your thoughts, therefore, YOU control your emotions. YOU decide which thoughts are important enough to consume your time. I know this is easier said than done, but, it is absolutely possible, it is definitely a learning process.

God created us in the image and the LIKENESS of himself.
You do understand that that means that we can do ALL things through Christ, because He makes us strong, right?
YOU possess the absolute power to FEEL happy 24/7.

I don’t know one person that WANTS to FEEL unhappy, except Oscar the grouch, but he don’t count….cause he’s not human…

So, practice transferring your thoughts to the positive train when you accidentally got on the negative train. They say it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile, but it definitely takes more brain power to switch from a negative track to a positive one. In the average person, negative thoughts are easier to come by, they are the “apartments” of your life, they are not rooted, nor are they concrete. Positive thoughts, although not initially noticeable, are like the “dream homes” of your life, harder to come by, but when you do find them, they are rooted, they maintain a better standard of your being and they stick around much longer.

Next time you’re feeling down, think of something that has made you happy and dig for the EMOTION that was connected to that happiness, but you HAVE to completely stop thinking of what brought you down, take 1 to 3 minutes to ONLY concentrate on the happy emotion. Then, every 30 minutes repeat the process until you are in a happy state again. Its not easy and will take practice, but you have had plenty of practice in practicing…when you started your new job, you became good at it because you PRACTICED every day. You learned how to ride a bike because of how much you PRACTICED

Bottom line, everything takes practice, and if you practice this, you will become an expert at pushing all negative thoughts to the side and only focusing on the positive, more important thoughts, which, in turn, will create 24/7 feel good emotions.

Now go back to the positive paragraph above and imagine that all day every day. 🙂
Peace & Blessings!

April Hugie

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