The Light After the Storm

So I’m a die-hard fan of thunderstorms.

I love the magnificent, mysterious beauty in its power.  Electricity, generated within the sky; to me, is absolutely astonishing!

This morning at 5:45am a severe thunderstorm hit in Mansfield, TX.

Thunderbolt April Hugie

I was able to catch an ominous bolt from within the clouds at 6: 08am and after the storm you could see the sun rising over the same area at 7:53am.

Sunriseovercloud April Hugie
What was so visually frightening, (but beautiful) transformed into a much more breathtaking, extraordinary view.
Point and case:
No matter the storm you are traveling through, it is only a matter of time before you will begin to see the sun shining again, and when it does, it will be magnificent in all its Glory; Spectacular in all its might. The light ALWAYS will come after your storm, so just sit back and recognize, appreciate, and respect the storm for the greater the storm, the greater your testimony, and the greater your testimony, the brighter you will shine for all to witness.

Peace & Blessings

–April Hugie

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