Today marks day 3 of 28 reasons why I love you…

Day 3 of 28 reasons why I love you, Daniel Hugie

I’ve always had a love for art, it expresses one’s inner being. The beauty in freedom that your art expresses blows my mind. It doesn’t surprise me that God would pair me with someone who also has a love for art. 😍

Your gifts are endless, after 9 years, you still continue to amaze me with your capabilities. Anything that you set your mind to, you accomplish.
You’ve always taken pride in the detail you attend to, the beauty in your art exhibits perfectly the beauty in your spirit.

You haven’t drawn in a while, but I encourage you to begin again.

What you produce is a beauty that should be displayed across the world.

Love you baby..25 days until the official day, including 25 MORE reasons why I love you so much.

Start from the beginning, here…

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