Today marks day 4 of 28 reasons why I love you…

Day 4 of 28 reasons why I love you, Daniel Hugie

I love your family.

I came from California to Texas and I didn’t have much family when I came out here but I married into a beautiful family with strong values as I came from the same. To be able to fit right in with a large family that reminded me of mine was very comforting I appreciate the love I received and I’m grateful that I was accepted wholeheartedly.

No words could ever express how much I love all of you. Your mother, father, aunts, uncles and cousins are also mine.

You were raised with the same values I was raised with. And I love that we can raise our kids together on one accord.. ❤

Love you baby..24 days until the official day, including 24 MORE reasons why I love you so much.

Start from the beginning, here…

ADHugieLove – April Hugie

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