Day 6-10 of 28 Reasons why I Love you…

Day 6

Your sense of style

Im glad you don’t crave the sagging pants, I cant stand them.  You take your sense of style seriously, and your always open to my suggestions.  You look great in whatever your in and you don’t have to have all the newest and greatest currently on the market.  You also have a sense of style for women and I value your opinion when I ask you if this looks right.

Day 7


You’ve always been loyal in your support for me and for our family.  If you can, you will.  Your fidelity to our love is something that I will cherish forever.  It’s a great feeling to know that you can give wholeheartedly to someone that you know deserves it.

Day 8

Real Talk

Anyone that knows you know you speak your mind regardless of the situation. Your honest and truthful with your opinion and I appreciate that.  You are comfortable with your perception and your not afraid to express it, but you are also open to other views.  I know that you will always be straight-forward with me and there is comfort in that.

Day 9

Everything in common

Its amazing how much we have in common.  I don’t know how long we repeated “ME TOO!” when we first met, lol.  Our enjoyments and dislikes are the same and no matter what were doing we always have a blast together.

Day 10

Hard work

You work hard to take care of your family.  You won’t hesitate to work overtime if needed and you do it without complaint.  Your no stranger to hard work.  Everyday you manage to work a full day of manual labor and still take care of home needs.  I appreciate your dedication and hard work. It never goes unnoticed.

Love you baby..18 days until the official day, including 18 MORE reasons why I love you so much.

Start from the beginning, here…

ADHugieLove – April Hugie

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