Day 11-16 of 28 Reasons why I Love you…


Thank GOD for you and your strength. Lord knows that, before I met you, I struggled with lifting Quentin daily. Back then, my chronic back pain was a major concern and being a single mother, I cared for Quentin by myself. For anybody that does not know, we have a now 15-year-old beautiful boy with cerebral palsy. He can’t walk, talk, or care for himself. It was always a struggle for me to lift him in my pain, but I managed. When I met you, you made sure that I didn’t have to struggle with that anymore, at the time Quentin was 5, fast forward to now, at 15 he’s much bigger and heavier. Thank God I found this tea as I no longer struggle with back pain, but my condition is still there and lifting heavy things is still something I cannot do. I appreciate you for never allowing me to lift anything beyond my limit, and yelling at me when I do, lol. Love you baby

You know my talents
You never give up on me, always seeing the best in me and pushing me forward.

Such a gentleman. ALWAYS holding my door open, pulling my chair out, opening the car door, you will even pick me up to walk over water and you won’t even let me touch the trash, lol.


You know my spot

…Oh, not that spot…my tickle spot. (#gutter) No matter how upset I am at you, there’s one little spot that you can touch that will send me into a laughing frenzy, lol. Only you.


After 9 years, you let me know daily, how amazingly attractive I am to you. Something every woman wants to hear as often as possible. 


No matter what goes wrong in the home, you can fix it, and if you don’t know how, you’ll figure it out. I can always depend on you.

Love you baby..12 days until the official day, including 12 MORE reasons why I love you so much.

Start from the beginning, here…

ADHugieLove – April Hugie

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