Success Stories!

Read stories of people who have had a Total life Change within this amazing business!

 Ana Cantera

Total Life Changes’ newest and youngest Global Director is 28 year-old Ana Cantera from the Dominican Republic.

She has impacted thousands of people from all around the world in less than a year with Total Life Changes. Thanks to the powerful compensation plan that pays five different ways, she’s now able to make well over $100k monthly, apart from her husband, who is also a new Global Director with TLC.

Ana Cantera summarizes her success with TLC:

Fourteen months ago my husband and I were in a very difficult situation, being broken emotionally and economically after a very bad experience in a previous company. My husband and I agreed that we needed to pursue other sources of income. We decided to open up a restaurant, but after consecutive months of operating our business in the red, we reconsidered our commitment to the MLM industry. Although we had some very bad experiences in MLM, I still believed it was the best career and business in the world; it’s definitely my vocation, it’s what I love to do, to impact others and help them reach their dreams. We looked at many companies just over a year ago, but thank God we knew Stormy Wellington from our prior business. She explained all the success she was having in TLC and how amazing this company was, so we decided to believe one more time and we went all in. In less than a year, we can say that our lives and the lives of many people that believed in us have changed drastically, we are growing and expanding internationally. My husband Julio and I have attracted some great leaders and they are now part of our team, and we are taking this business to another level.

Dexter & Tonya Scott


Total Life Changes Announces New Ambassadors, Dexter and Tonya Joyner-Scott

Many people have heard about the success of Dexter and Tonya Joyner-Scott in TLC, but nothing matters more to them than witnessing the success of so many business partners that have joined forces with them in the last 18-24 months. It has not been an easy path to success for this married couple of four children. They faced adversity, doubt and the loss of a six-figure income before beginning to restore their lives with network marketing. Tonya has carried her fair share of doubt, fears and limited beliefs of her future for much of her life. These negative attitudes even caused her to become complacent for a while as she began to start a family.

“I kept trying to tell myself that being a stay-at-home-mommy was enough for me, but it really wasn’t. I was dying inside because I was no longer living to my fullest potential. My husband was traveling around the world impacting the lives of children and teenagers. He had studied with industry leading speakers and trainers like Les Brown and Paul Martinelli, and yet he found it harder and harder to share all of these wonderful things he was experiencing with me because he knew I was struggling with self-doubt.”

Nearly two years ago, Dexter was unfortunately laid off from his six-figure income, just before leaving the country for a family vacation. It was during this time that the couple did some soul searching. Some call it destiny while others may consider it fate. Dexter and Tonya felt it was more like divine intervention. It was this action that brought them to Total Life Changes. “The fear I carried most often was the fear of failure. Not just our failure, but the failure of those that may be joining us as well. This was one of the reasons we sat on this opportunity for as long as we did. But losing my job changed everything. We knew we had to face our fears and do this together for our family and for others. We have since overcome this fear and we are so grateful to be a part of this amazing company! We have a multitude of people earning great income and advancing in rank month after month throughout our organization since we started building just 2 short years ago,” says Dexter Scott.

Recently, one of their personally enrolled Directors named Naeema Houston, purchased a vehicle after her transmission blew in her previous car. It was because of her commissions with TLC that she was approved for her car loan and is still winning with TLC. They have also been blessed to watch Regional Directors Tony and Shelia McKinnon experience more time freedom since partnering with TLC. Tony was able to separate from his multiple part-time jobs; because of TLC he is now earning more than all of his previous jobs combined. Another great example of how their leadership and team building has led to others’ success is through Executive Director Laura Bethea. Laura is working toward the completion of her doctorate degree in Educational Leadership in Higher Learning from East Carolina University. She has been able to pay her tuition each semester as a result of her TLC commissions. She no longer needs student loans to meet her financial responsibilities for her education. And lastly, Global Directors Darnell and Dr. Kimberly Edwards have already paid off more than $30,000.00 in debt and their income continues to increase week after week. These are just a few of the stories throughout Dexter and Tonya Joyner-Scott’s organization of partners experiencing success within Total Life Changes. Dexter and Tonya have helped people to believe again and dream again.

Dexter and Tonya have a family reunion coming up. In prior years they would have to wait until the day of the event to pay their fees. “It feels good to no longer have to wait until the day of the event to pay our dues to attend because we couldn’t afford to pay it in advance, or better yet, we didn’t want to give up that little extra because we needed it for groceries. It feels good to be able to contribute toward scholarship programs this year. It feels good to be able purchase clothing for our family and not rely on my mother to do it for us. The motivation for everyone right now is bigger than themselves. It’s about the next person, the other person. Everyone is finding joy in helping someone feel better, look better, sleep better, or to put it in a nutshell…be better,” summarizes Tonya Joyner-Scott.

Dexter and Tonya Joyner-Scott would like to thank and recognize TLC’s Global Directors Darnell & Dr. Kimberly Edwards for their wisdom, commitment and passion they bring to the organization; National Directors James & Sheryl Colclough and National Director Chandra Jones‐Williams for their servant leadership and the passion they bring to them every day. “Regional Directors Tony & Shelia McKinnon are first timers to the industry of network marketing. What a great place for them to start, right here with TLC. They live in another city and stepped up to the plate to help us build by creating opportunities for partners to grow and build within their city and its surrounding areas. Lastly, we must give kudos to Executive Director Crystal Flowers who stepped up to the plate to assist us with anything we needed to help us stay organized and effective in our local meetings and events each and every month. We thank Crystal for her servant leadership. Our team of business partners is affectionately called, Team Advance. Advance is defined as: move forward, typically in a purposeful way. Our mission is to help our team move forward with intentions on changing lives for the better, beginning with their own,” adds Ambassador Tonya Joyner-Scott.

Gregg & Lenika Scott


In 2009, Gregg & Lenika Scott built a million-dollar business from the ground up.

Two years later in 2011, their business completely crumbled and they ended up losing everything—home, cars, assets—gone! As a result, they found themselves standing in line seeking government assistance to feed their large family of eight. But they made a decision to quickly pull themselves together.

Lenika emphatically recalls that,

“We did not focus on the pain but instead on the promise. We chose to focus on the vision we had for ourselves and our family.”

Their core purpose and vision was to live debt-free, own their home outright and to leave an inheritance for their children. Because of the power of intentional focus, within the last two years, they were able to bounce back, purchase their dream home, build a multimillion-dollar enterprise and recover all. “Whatever you focus on the longest will become the strongest,” adds Scott.

Today, Gregg & Lenika are Executive Ambassadors in Total Life Changes and are leading one of the fastest growing organizations in the industry. One of the foundational keys to their organization’s success is that they lead with a whole lot of faith and a whole lot of action! They teach, train, coach, and equip on repeatable, executable, and proven business intelligence systems that produce results. Because of it, they continue to experience exponential growth and expansion.

Shandrea Pittman


Shandrea Pittman is a young National Director with Total Life Changes.

As the eldest daughter of soul food restaurateurs and Global Directors with Total Life Changes, Miguel and Sandra Pittman from New Haven, Connecticut. Shandrea grew up in a home as the oldest of four children with strong family values, learning the principles of hard work and entrepreneurship. Shandrea followed the course of many American adolescents, finishing high school and entering college, where she earned a bachelor’s degree; ready to begin a career in the field of psychology. She later earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling. She was perusing a career in her field where she spent much hard work and invested a lot of time and money.

Shandrea was enjoying a young women’s lifestyle of shopping, traveling and attending to her young career. Soon, she realized the impact of debt and began working multiple jobs to help pay for student loans. At one point recently, she was juggling three jobs to support herself. Shandrea supported her mom’s efforts with her TLC business in the beginning and her mother encouraged her to consider doing the business part time.

“My mom told me that even as an amateur marketer, I could easily earn between $250-$1000 a week. I didn’t fully believe I could do it.”

Shandrea was still not ready to commit to becoming a IBO. She was enjoying the products and their results, but was still hesitant to add a fourth job to her already busy lifestyle. However, Shandrea did join Total Life Changes in January 2015. She wanted to lose weight and took advantage of purchasing the products at a lower cost as an IBO. She was certain that she would just use the products to assist her goals for weight loss. But shortly after using a combination TLC products and losing over thirty pounds, she decided to use her personal testimony to launch her own TLC business. “My mom introduced me to current TLC Executive Ambassador, Stormy Wellington and shortly after spending some time with her, she confirmed what my mom had already told me. She said to stick with my mom and duplicate everything that she does,” recalls Shandrea. Stormy Wellington talked about her mission and vision to help 1,000 families to earn 6 figures. Shandrea stated “I want to be one of those families.” She immediately started to retail the products and work the business.

“When I joined Total Life Changes in January of 2015, all I wanted to do was lose weight. I didn’t even want to work the business. But, I tried the products and my life began to change. I fell in love with TLC. Each person I introduced the products to had RESULTS and that’s when the magic happened, because I knew I had my hands on something special. I lost over 30 pounds, which ended up creating a way for me to start my own business, because I created my own testimony,” says Shandrea Pittman.
When asked how she feels about changing the direction of her career from the field of clinical counseling to full-time network marketer, she proudly stated, “I’m not looking back to be honest. I made the best decision to pursue TLC full-time. I will always feel blessed and proud of my accomplishments in school and in my earlier career. But I don’t feel that there is any void. I did what Stormy told me to do and through time I started to earn $1000 a week in this business that I believe in, adds Shandrea.

That success has led to earning $20K in her first four months.

She decided to walk away from her career in clinical counseling and made $50K part-time in one year with TLC. Now she can show others how she turned her weight-loss goals into a 6-figure income in 17 months.

“Because I said ‘yes’ to just losing 5 pounds in 5 days initially, in the very beginning, it created an abundance of blessings one after another. I had to realize I had nothing to lose and only the possibility to gain. I had enough courage and confidence in seeing the beginning not knowing what the end results would be. But just making a conscious decision to want a better quality of life. Sometimes you must say, ‘yes’ and believe when you don’t know what the outcome will be. I borrowed the belief of my mom that this opportunity would free me from working paycheck-to-paycheck. Because of our amazing products, I am living out my dreams and helping others to do the same,” explains Shandrea Pittman. This company has changed Shandrea’s entire perspective on my health and wealth. She feels absolutely amazing and she’s finally able pay off student loan debt and support herself without working multiple jobs.

Josh & Nicole Ringer


Joshua Bashford and Nicole Ringer are parents of four young children and live in North Port, Florida.

They started as customers, simply using the products to improve their health and reach their weight loss goals. Soon after they began getting results, they decided to join Total Life Changes as Independent Business Owners to help spread the word about all natural products that are changing lives across the globe. This is their first experience in network marketing and they have recently reached the rank of Executive Directors in Total Life Changes. Josh maintains a full-time corporate profession 40 miles from his home, while Nicole (who was formally a preschool teacher and babysitter) is now able to stay home with their youngest child who just turned one year old and operate yer Total Life Changes business to help change the lives of others. Her next goal is to retire Josh from his corporate profession so that they can focus together on their passion of helping others live a healthier lifestyle and duplicating success.

“We never thought that losing weight and becoming healthy for each other and our children would lead us into a company where we are not only able to be healthy for our children, but have financial freedom. I get emotional when I think about the very first conversation we ever had with each other and how we both dreamed about owning our own business, because in today’s world it seemed like it was the only way people (like us) were able to live with some type of financial freedom and support a family. It’s like the things we always dreamed and talked about were slowly coming into place and it honestly would not be possible if we didn’t say YES to this amazing company. We are big believers that everything happens for a reason and this opportunity came into our life at a perfect time. I can truly say that it feels amazing to be able to support our family financially with some cushion. I never thought we would be able to say this, but the struggles and stress of living pay check to pay check are finally over and we are almost completely debt free! The name Total Life changes is a complete fit for this company because it has been a Total Life Change since the very first day we started in more ways than one, and it just keeps getting better, says TLC Executive Director, Nicole Ringer”
Their passion and excitement for the products can be seen across social media and they attract many new customers everday. In fact, most of their productivity is from retailing and they have hit the weekly leaderboard of Top Retailers multiple times.

“We started by simply sharing before and after pictures on social media and the responses we were receiving just kept flowing in. I’m pretty sure we get more excited than our customers when they receive their products, because we know that their life is about to completely change. Within days of getting new customers on these amazing products, we receive messages of excitement as they start to feel the instant gratification. Then, weeks later they are thanking us for sharing the life changing products with them and before you know it, we are sharing their health & weight loss story on social media and their story inspires another person to say yes and make the change. It’s like a ripple effect. This is the most rewarding thing we have ever been apart of and even though we don’t personally know many of our customers, we are with them every step of the way making sure that they have the support they need to reach their goals and live a happy and healthy life with the help of these high quality products,”

adds Nicole Ringer.

Stormy Wellington


Total Life Changes Honors Stormy Wellington With The TLC Visionary Award

Strong will. Faith. Determination. Desire. Call it what you want, but Stormy Wellington is restoring peoples’ lives since joining Total Life Changes. In the past fourteen months she has been on a quest to out hustle every network marketer in the business and the results are in. She was recently recognized as the #1 Female MLM Networker in the World and a top-earner in the company with over $2 million in the past twelve months. But more importantly, she has provided restoration for so many families. Stormy was recently presented with the TLC Visionary Award in New Orleans for her commitment and her crusade to helping 1,000 families earn a six-figure income. She has helped over thirty families earn at least $50,000 in their first year and several others have already earned six-figure incomes.

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