Ganoderma Lucidum Pure 100% extract

gano april


Ganoderma Lucicium is an all-natural source of powerful antioxidants

Iaso Gano comes from Ganoderma Lucidum which is an extract from the Reishi mushroom, also called Língzhi in China.
It functions to help the human body’s immunity, along with general health of its internal organs. It functions as an anti-fungal, anti-hypotensive, antiviral, as well as anti-inflammatory agent. It also functions to block multiplication of tumor or cancerous cells as a part of its anti-tumor properties.

Ganoderma lucidum has numerous health advantages. It’s used to treat insomnia, asthma, chronic bronchitis as well as heart disease and is used in skincare. As a total herb, additionally, it has systemic advantages for treating tumors, detoxifying the body through liver cleansing, as well as treatment for heart disease. Its antioxidant properties permits it to lessen the signs of aging, and in addition it treats hypertension.
It is non-toxic and can be used daily without producing any unwanted side effects.
When it’s used frequently, it can restore the body to its all-natural state, allowing all internal organs to operate normally.

gano 3 april hugieThe health benefits associated with Ganoderma include:​

Cancer Prevention
Immune System Support
Cardiovascular Health
Radiation Protection
Urinary Tract Support
Liver Protection

The History of Ganoderma:
Ganoderma Lucidum has been utilized for longer than two,thousand years in many Eastern cultures and is nearly considered a means of life. Ganoderma comes from a red-colored mushroom prized this particular mushroom because of its medicinal attributes associated with promoting health and well-being. This particular mushroom can also be referred to as Lingzhi in China, Reishi in Japan, and Youngzhi within Korea.

In the past, Ganoderma was only found in wooded, mountain forests on a limited number dried trunks of lifeless trees. Currently being very rare as well as time consuming to harvest made Ganoderma extremely desired as well as expensive. Using today’s technology, the actual Reishi mushroom is developed in meticulously controlled facilities within rigid, scientific conditions in their homeland of Malaysia.
These types of techniques have created the perfect environment intended for producing the finest and most pure Ganoderma Lucidum on the planet.

We encourage you to learn more about the medical research of Ganoderma by accessing web sites such as WebMD , United States National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. and the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

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gano april

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